A poem to women all over the globe

This is to the women who
speak of love before
they ever receive any,

To the women who
like to define themselves
as being mighty
smart or even lively
rather than mere women

To the ones who wrote
Letters and learned how to read or write
without any guidance or instructions
on literacy

This is to the women
whose beauty is a river
that never runs out
Whose thoughts
are mind-boggling

This is to the women
who smoke your cigarettes
and breath your air
Who consume your insecurities
and turn them into something
something forceful
something womanly
something influential

This is to the forgotten women
This is to the ones who drank from men’s hatred
swam in oceans of poverty
This is to women
who loved and were denied
Gave and were ignored
Suffer and were disregarded

This is to us
all over the globe


1 thought on “A poem to women all over the globe

  1. This is to the women poets who learn and enjoy their learning. This is to the writers who can write and make a difference! I enjoyed your words. Blessed is our garden of writers and thinkers.

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