Eating chocolate causes depression

Higher depression scores were associated with greater chocolate consumption, according to a study.

A cultural tradition links eating chocolate with happiness and joy. However, the relationship of chocolate consumption to low spirits is proven to be true, researchers found.

“Depressed mood was significantly related to higher chocolate consumption. Findings were similar in men and women”, said Sabrina Koperski from University of California in San Diego, one of the authors of a research published by JAMA Internal Medicine journal in 2010.

This study was held at Center for Epidemiologic Studies Scale (CES-D) strata in San Diego area. It reported that people with higher depression ratings consume more chocolate, according to the study that was conducted on 931 women and men aged 20 to 85 years old.

“Too much of a good thing can become bad. Avoid over chocolate consumption”

The study reported that those who had higher chocolate consumption, 8.4 servings per month (615 g) suffered from depressed mood while those who consumed 5.4 servings per month (405 g) did not exhibit signs of depression. These findings were similar in men and women.

Chocolate over consumption is related to depressed mood because of the artificial trans fats that stimulate omega-3 fatty acid, the study suggested.

Depression could stimulate chocolate cravings as “self-treatment” if chocolate confers mood benefits. Food cravings mean that you desperately want some food. The difference between carving and hunger is that your stomach controls the hunger, while carving is controlled by the brain. As a result, it is hard to control the craving, the study indicated.

“We examined the relationship of chocolate consumption to mood in an adult study sample including men and women, using several chocolate consumption metrics assessed against a widely recognized mood instrument,” the study suggested. The 931 men and women examined exhibited the same symptoms. Their mood tended to be depressed.


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