I hold out little hope

Believing that things can be changed is “hope”.

Living without meaning or even directed hope can make no difference.
There are lots of examples of hope; the first step in recovery for the patient is to search for hope and this will aid the recovery. A homeless man is yearning for finding a shelter and this hope will push him up to work hard for it. A refugee’s wish in finding her lost daughter can make her do everything in her power just to hold her family reunion.

Travelling is hope, learning and education are hopes, love is hope and even friendship is hope because anything you work hard for it is the glimmer of hope you are looking for. Friends can motivate you in finding the light in your life. Your love will always induce you and parents will never let you down.

“Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality”

Never back off because of your dreams are bigger than your fears, just have the strength to overcome the constraints. Untie yourself from every restriction that holds you back in your way to success. Make sure that obstacles are brushed aside and these obstacles can be anything such as people who keep putting you down and bring the same topic up: “you CAN’T do it”.

Be a sailing ship not a drowning one.

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