The importance of food in building bones

According to a recent study, lifestyle approaches to prevent bone loss or reduce fracture risk, but they form the necessary foundation for pharmacological approaches to the prevention of osteoporosis. It has been proved by the study that in order to protect fragile bones you need to maintain a diet.

The study was conducted at the University of Granada. The population of the study consisted of 1980 postmenopausal women who consulted a gynecologist for advice about bone health.
The clinical data were obtained using a structured questionnaire that was developed in consensus by the clinical investigators involved in the study.
Women with lower weight and height exhibited lower BMD(Bone Mineral Density), both in the lumbar spine and in the hip.

Later menopause and earlier menopause were observed in the group of women with the most advance osteoporosis.
“Women who diet frequently or have eating disorders, may not consume adequate vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal bone mass. Older women who lose weight, purposely or not, run the risk of accelerated bone lose.”, reported the authors.

This proves the importance of diet for protection against osteoporosis. A balanced diet is important for bone development and maintenance, as well as for general health.


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