Language Learning Mid-Term Discovery Learning

“Injecting healthy doses” is a creative, wise metaphor that expresses, materializes new, better methods of teaching in classrooms. An injection is a needle or a shot filled with medicine given to a sick, tired unhealthy patients. The injection is a cure to make the patient healthy and feel better. In this metaphor, the patient is the weak learning systems in schools and the injections are the methods, ideas, and ways of potential rich, nutritious, useful, good, curing, and healthy learning given or injected into the bodies of schools and classrooms to help improve the quality of learning. Injection after injection, learning will be cured from it sickness and illness.

Education here in general and teaching English in particular is poor, sick, bad, ill, and weak. Firstly, English curriculum from private to governmental schools and even from private school to another. The curriculum and material taught is poor and repetitive year after year and books demonstrate incontrovertible texts. Secondly, teachers nor students have motivation. Teachers just want to lecture students and students just wait impatiently for the bell to ring. Thirdly, teachers focus on grammar and giving notes that lead up to examinations based on memorization rather than focusing on speaking, analysis, and discussion skills because through discussion students can learn grammar. Teachers are just making things harder. Fourthly, education lacks and doesn’t permit analysis, group working, creative thinking, writing, and research. Plus, teaching doesn’t consider individual differences between students. Finally, English is taught in Arabic. What is the point of leaning English if the English teacher is speaking in Arabic to students!

For me, when I finished Tawjihi which is a bad, unfair system that should be resolved as soon as possible, I was forced to choose my major based on my Tawjihi score and what makes it worse is the parallel system that students pay a lot of money to study which is a right for all citizens. Unfortunately many students are unable to study which is unfair. On the other hand, my colleagues in other countries had the opportunity to study whatever major they wanted based on their desire and interest in nominal prices or even no price at all.

In my opinion, the whole teaching, education system should be changed and reformed urgently by moving a step toward creativity and thinking by enhancing new learning methods, applying Bloom’s theory in schools and universities, and imitating developed countries in teaching. We should also encourage our children and siblings to dream high, never underestimate themselves, and equip them with knowledge to face the real world.


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