methods of taching midterm exam

It’s important to like what you do in order to give the best about what you do. Teacher should like the job itself and the language that he/she wants to give to students. Loving the job or teaching can be obvious when teachers offer for students a comfortable, interesting and useful class. Also, showing respect and being on time is important for making the student respect the class and not being late for the class.

Teacher can make a good job if she/he makes creative ideas in his/her classes by making reading, speaking and writing class each week, this can make students feel interesting, get useful and learn.
Great teachers can make strong relationships with their students and show that they care about them as people, this can show that teacher likes teaching. Great teachers are warm, lovely and caring. Teachers with these qualities are known to stay after school in the mind of students and make them always remember they way in which teachers give language.

Effective teacher can challenge their students by promising them that they will improve if they follow him/her in the class and promising them that they will be good in English.T this can show how much teacher likes the job of teaching language.

Language learning needs practice, without practice students will just memories without thinking or making effort to learn language without encourage or help from teacher.
In my opinion, teacher is a guide who just tells what is correct and what is incorrect by giving instructions in good ways. Reading as a skill of learning English, must be a habit in student’s day, this will be better if teachers give the students good books or even stories which are important to read. At the same time it must engage students and be interesting to them. Teachers must show the use of reading and how it affects positively their lives. Reading can improve our thinking, experiences and our daily life. In addition, teachers must show for students that reading can change their life by making it more critical and wise.

What makes teachers good:
1. Good Teachers Really Want to Be Good Teachers
2. Good Teachers Never Have Enough Time
3. Good Teachers Do Not Trust Student Evaluations
4. Good Teachers Try to Keep Students-And Themselves-Off Balance
5. Good Teachers Take Risks
6. Good Teachers Really Want to Be Good Teachers

Teacher can help students to be good readers by encourage them reading from different sources, make the topic they read a discussion point. This method will make an excellent result for students and their performance.
Teachers can Share their reading experiences to students . Telling them what you’ve been reading, what you’ve gained or learned from these texts can make them like to try or like to read the same book.

According to my experience in learning English, in school days, teacher was like just wants to finish the course, not give us skills. She was following the plan of teaching to achieve the school goals not students’ goals! In that time, all what we needed is to learn how to speak in public, how to talk freely without fear and how to stand in front of people and express. In university everything has changed, doctors really showed for us the way of writing, speaking and communicating without fear .

Also, we applied many things and learned a lot, this is just for liking or loving what they do. In university we felt that some doctors really like what they do until English language become a part of their lives and they make us feel this too.

We become writers in university and outside. We learnt how to respect language, how to study and how to manage our time, this all back for you doctors. Teaching is a long way and not everyone can be walking into it. Finally, if I will be a teacher one day, I will show how to feel and like English, I will show them movies and make them write about themselves and I will give them everything that I needed in the past and I missed!

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