Methods of Teaching English Mid-Term Rewrite- Successful Teaching

Successful teaching comes from a successful teacher. There is no good teaching if the teacher does not meet the requirements of a good teacher, a teacher to learn from and gain healthy knowledge and skills from.

Teaching is a risky field to attain.People usually underestimate the importance of this job. They think that anybody could be a good teacher not knowing that anybody could be a good teacher basically because a good teacher should love, appreciate, and work hard to be a successful teacher.

In my opinion, good teachers should not only love their job, but should be passionate about their job and make time for it. When the teacher is in the right place in the right time students will be happy and the learning process will be successful. Students will always be looking forward to class and not miss class because they know the worth and importance of their teacher.

On the other hand, students who miss class because the teacher is dull and incapable of meeting the qualities of a good teacher. That is actually due to favoritism that appoints the wrong person in the wrong position which is harmful to society and the teaching process. I hope that someday I will be a good carrier for knowledge to my students as I see myself as a teacher after I pursue my Masters degree in Linguistics.

Communication is the best method in teaching, not to mention the importance of reading too. The more students communicate and read the better the teaching system is. Communication helps students challenge themselves and bring up their ideas. While reading exercises the brain to expand students vocabulary and helps them to communicate more fluently together.

In conclusion, as a student or as a teacher hard work and good care makes a student or a teacher good and successful. From motivation, passion, and love we get a good teacher which is responsible to nurture students of the generation.

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