methods of teaching midterm exam

Teaching and reading methods
A good teacher must love teaching to give an effective education. If the teachers love what they do they will create new ways of teaching. They will motivate students to explore and use their mind rather than memorizing. As a result, students will never feel bored, but they would receive curiosity of learning to know more and to do researches .

One tool that we can use is curiosity. This approach is something that is often taken for granted and we often hear: “Oh, kids are curious by nature and they like to ask questions.” Curiosity It is a source of motivation, and it’s powered by questions. Curiosity in students encourages their desire to learn. When students are magnetized by a new idea or a new situation and are compelled to explore further, regardless of external rewards, they can be said to be truly motivated. In each new project, they discover seeds for a future project or a new question to examine. not all students are highly curious, and what might stimulate curiosity in some students might result in anxiety for others. It becomes the job of the educator to recognize these differences and control the classroom or other learning environment to accommodate all learners.

There are many things, to show that I do love my job such as being friendly with my students to enhance students to love my way of teaching. Also, to express their feelings and opinions, asking questions without fear of making mistakes. On the other hand, as a good teacher I should feel with my students. Feeling with them is very effective way to strengthen the relationship between the teacher and the students. In addition, I would give them tasks from time to time. I would vary my teaching methods to make them feel excited in the class. To love my job is to help students , to encourage them and to love them. Teachers who love their jobs have The ability to help children achieve their best, Inspiring students not only academically but personally, and getting up on stage and performing for them, too.

I believe in reading. I cannot deny that reading is a way of life. Students must be good readers in order to manage their lives. I see reading is a step to facilitate the teaching and reading processes. Teachers who teach readers/students will find that they share knowledge in common and the same way of thinking. Students who learn will find several things they know about and they will be familiar about different methods. Reading enables you to live others’ experiences and to see the differences between cultures and people. We all know the rewards of reading are immense; aside from enhancing our communication skills , it also helps reduce stress. Teachers can motivate Students to Love Reading by Letting students see the teacher read or Inviting a local author to class. Teachers must Teach students reading strategies.

From my experience in school and university as a student I felt the differences between teachers. There were who don’t love his/her job by just giving us the authentic materials without desire. There were teachers inspired me actually. They were smart, friendly teachers. From them I learn how to have a desire of learning. They were doing such a great job by motivating us to search, to know more and explore by ourselves. The way of teaching was creative because they did not depend on the books only but they were trying to let us think and to try new things. ‘ participating is a best way of learning ‘ one of my best teachers said “ students are not machines to memorize and swallow the books. “

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