Recommended Criticism

Only one criticism that I need,
To detach myself from reality!
Criticize my ignorance, my greed,

My imagination and familiarity…
In need to nothing, but to a book to read
Leave me with no water, or electricity

Indoors, I am incomplete
Outdoors, I vanish immediately
Leave the door open, so I can lead,

My motionless muscles and misery
Criticize my ugliness, my poisonous thoughts
I need criticism, so I can leak,
Inside of your words safely

Salute my fate,
During this scenery
Lonely, I navigate my foolish past

Looking for differences and similarities
Criticism, is my first priority
Scold me, scorn me,

Leave no April’s lie to calm me !
I recommend criticism,
As it is hated, neglected, rejected

As it kills, renews and encourages
Criticize attitudes, flaws and imperfections
Criticize skies, flowers and misconceptions
Criticize seas, religions and nothingness
Criticize politics, nonsense and criticism !


2 thoughts on “Recommended Criticism

    1. Thank you Professor. You gently make people want to write. You are the one who changes minds and creates ways and welcomes changes and accept differences and refuses laziness. You will very long last with me !

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