smoking causes health risks AND…

Smoking is one of the most causes of deaths in the world, it is responsible for more than 5 million deaths per a year. It does not only cause health risks, but also it is a main cause for the community and environment issues, according to a recent study.

A group of researchers found that over 1 billion people are smoking, the majority comes from the low and middle income countries, research suggests.

” It is well recognized that overall mortality rates for cigarette smokers are 60–80% higher than for nonsmokers” said the researchers in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine.

In their study, they divided 24 primary schools into 3 groups, a theater in education intervention, school smoking,policy intervention group and control group. The results showed that there was a weak positive effect on the boys but none of the girls in the intervention group. The theater production 2 Smart 2 Smoke and accompanying activities showed a significant impact on psycho social risk factors for smoking among students in grades 1–3 and grades 4–6. The percentage of students who told that they would “never smoke a cigarette” increased by 10% following play intervention.

“Tobacco use not only detrimental to personal health but also results in severe societal costs such as reduced productivity and health care burden, poverty of the families, and environmental damage”, they found.

The researches found a relationship between smoking and a lot of diseases like, heart diseases, depression, lung diseases and cancer at ten sites.

In conclusion, smoking is a large problem in our society and it is a major cause of health, society and environmental problems.
Tobacco smoking causes more than 5 million preventable deaths every year globally. Further, at the present rate, the number of deaths is expected to double by 2020, they added.

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