Teachers should love their job

Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world. It is also one of the most difficult ones. A good teacher must love his or her job because if he or she did not, it would be a disaster to the teacher and to the students. It is impossible to be successful in a job you don’t like. A teacher would never have a meaningful effective way to teach his or her students the English language unless teaching is something a teacher likes.

I believe that it is obvious if a teacher loves his job through the way he deals with his students. For example, the student’s grades or the level to which they fully understand a certain topic and the way a teacher deals with his students inside and outside the classroom shows the love he has towards his job either as an English teacher or as a teacher of any other subjects.

I also believe that a good teacher must be nice to his students, always smile, never frown or scream at them no matter what they do, in order not to lower their self-esteem. A good teacher should also encourage his students to study and make them feel comfortable in the classroom, in addition to let the information stick to their minds no matter how much time passes by. The outcome of teaching should always be positive and the students should never forget what they learn if they were taught by a good teacher who loves his job.

It is difficult to teach students reading, but there are several ways to teach them reading in an effective way. The first thing is, students should always read by themselves and learn from their mistakes and from others mistakes. The second thing is, student have to read out loud in front of the whole class to get over their shyness through reading. The third thing is, reading should not only be articles and paragraphs from their course material, and it should also be singing songs, acting in a play, reading stories by themselves and to other students. As long as reading is considered to be fun to the students and to the teacher they will never get bored from studying in the classroom and they will learn new words in addition to the fact that they would love reading.

From my experience as a school learner and as University student, I think that only a few number of teachers showed that they love their job but the others hated it. For example, when I was in ninth grade, I had a teacher at school who was always upset and who always frown at me and other students, she always screamed at us and always deducted marks as a way of discipline but it only made us feel upset and made us hate attending her English class.

If a teacher doesn’t love his job he or she shouldn’t have chosen it. Loving your profession or job doesn’t only affect you but it also affects the others around you. No teacher should have a bad effect on his student not even a single one because this would affect them badly for the rest of their lives.

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