Thoughts on Papers

You’re fancy
I’ll turn you real
when I omit the boundaries between our countries
this is how I feel:
oceans of feelings since the day I knew you

You’re a novel of 600 pages
with a plot and turning point; a combination of Calcutta and Chicago;
a mixture of thought and sight
I fell for you; and it’s not wrong nor right
Come and make sense to me
in daylight or midnight

Let love be
Take off your mean intentions;
undress them for tonight
Hurry, don’t lose my direction
I am hostile to time;
It selfishly steals you from me
Seconds, minutes, hours
All hinder my sleep

Find me in stories and books
Love me so much that you hardly hate me
Harm me with your intense mind and mood swing
I happen to be
when you believe that I could ever be

I Am in charge now
so, you might pardon my selfishness
because I am furnished with grief and misery
I fascinate people with broken hearts
Am created to be reasonable
I might guide you
In your reckless times


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