Time Management Efficiencies on Students

The study is to show how much it is important to train students on time management, especially for university students who find it hard to do their tasks on time, according to a study performed on University of Mohaghe in Iran, and published by Karin Babayi and others.

Time management can be seen as self management to accomplish personal goals. It is about working smart and not just hard.
The study indicated that time management works by reducing stress, and when you reduce the stress that you have in your life you get more time to think .
That means you have more time to allow creative solutions to everyday problems, which is very important whether you are a mom or a business person.

Allowing creative solutions to everyday problems is the number one key to having balanced life. So, the first thing you can expect from effective time management is to get more time to everyday problems easily.
The study showed that time management skills can be in order to help student to organize their time and relax at the same time.

Students should be trained to control their time by practicing time management.
This means that students should not wait for the last minute in order to be more successful in doing their tasks.
The lack of time management would leave the heavy burdens and cost more time to complete tasks.

The latest studies have shown that 75% of people who organize their time are more successful, and progress in their lives compared with those who live randomly.

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